Expressing about myself is the most challenging thing to write for me.

Since childhood, arts were part of my life. I learned different forms of art during different phases of my life – Indian classical dance, Vocal / Instrumental music, Painting, and Writing.

I did my education in sciences but much later realized my passion for arts. So I changed my career to follow what my heart desires.

In this pathway, I slowly realized my inner self, a burning aspiration to touch hearts through my writings.

Discover inner self, being alone.
Find what you die for, in pain. 
See yourself reborn, again and again. 
Fly high to do what your soul craves within.




 In the past,  I  explored different forms of painting for more than a decade – water, acrylic, oil landscapes, abstract painting, Realism, and recently exploring with encaustic paintings ( using beeswax). My works reflect what’s happening currently around the world.

      PRIOR Art Exhibitions

  • 2016 ~ The Red Brush Award , LasVegas International  JURIED ART COMPETITION , US .
  • 2016 ~ ESAS – East Side Art Show , Juried  Art Exhibition , St. Clair Shores, MI , US .
  • 2015 ~ Telugu Association of North American , Juried Art Exhibition , Cobo Center , Detroit Downtown , MI , US
  • 2014 ~ MFAC- Michigan Fine Arts Competition , Juried Art Exhibition , BBAC , Bloomfield Hills , MI , US .
  • 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 ~ Beyond The Cube Art Show , Detroit Downtown , MI , US.